UI Improvements Please

The Fibery UI is nice, but it’s not great. There’s a lot of flatness and I feel that the UI could be elevated some some different shades and shadows.

When I look at ClickUp, my eyes are guided to what I need to look at. But with Fibery I really need to decide what I want to look at. I know this is vague, but hopefully more creative types understand and can share their own insights.

The board view is probably the one I use the most and then entity view. I’d like to see parts of this accented more to standout.

The spaces list and views list on the left really could use some help too. Everything just looks the same

I guess not many people feel the same :sweat_smile:

This feedback is relatively non-actionable :slight_smile: Not sure what can be done here.

@rawkode Could you please you describe in a little more detail the problems that you are experiencing? We are constantly improving the interface, but unfortunately there are still many areas where we have not been able to update it yet.

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My sight’s not so good and I find the GUI too bright but the dark GUI doesn’t always show screen artefacts clearly. This is as much an accessibility issue as a GUI issue.


  1. A user-tested dark mode with a High Contrast option that shows all screen furniture - buttons, texts etc. Glare makes my screen almost impossible to read. In the meantime do you know any apps that solve this issue? I use Dark Reader but their contrast is not high enough in many cases.

  2. (Much Easier than 1!)
    These visual issues mean I can’t see you navigating screens and clicking elements on podcasts, videos and GIFs.

The narration is good but where is the mouse? - By the time I read the label under discussion the mouse has moved and the control has been clicked. The new element appears on screen but we are on to the next point. I have to constantly stop and start vids and re-run many times. It can take minutes to find out what happened in 5 seconds of screen time. A clear set of annotated screenshots would do it but I understand that takes a while to produce.

3 suggestons to improve accessibility:

  1. For Webinars, Videos and GIFs Use a highlighter halo around mouse and maybe a trail after it. Move mouse slowly and clearly indicate where and what you click.

  2. Easy and slow when presenting. The presenter’s body has programmed the movements, so they move close to the speed of thought.

  3. Provide a “speed-cog” allowing the user to re-run a section slowly. This facility probably already exists in your recording software. A setting somewhere should make the cog visible to the user.