Impressed with Fibery

This feedback is non-actionable, I just wanted to take a moment and say I how impressed I am with Fibery, as a tool as well as how far it’s evolved since I first discovered it, a little more than a year ago now.

So many useful features, and so many of the things that was on my “minus” list have been addressed.

That you are finally doing serious work with comments/watch features (inter-communication) and permissions (although still a bit away) is really cool as a user wanting to use Fibery in a medium size company some day, where this is needed.

So while are not a customer today - my company have other tools already that make a shift hard to sell - it’s really fun to follow along what you do!

Kudos to how responsive and engaged you are on this forum; it must take a lot of energy to engage with all our feedback and opinionated ideas.

I find well design work tools are rare, and you are all trying to solve a tough problem without clear solutions. You’re making a very nice work tool here, I think. It feels you have been sprinting for a while, hope you can keep it up, but the results is really showing to me. I’m myself hoping to use Fibery at work at some company in my career in the future.


Thank you so much for these words, I passed them to the team :heart:


I’ve recently came from another platform and Fibery’s aproach on effective listening the users had led to an incredible product. Well polished features and willingness to improve everything. Keep up the great job guys!


Wholeheartedly agree! I use Fibery in a sort of limited capacity in my “day job” (limited mainly because I am the most active user by far, and we only have 3). I wish I could use it more as a paying customer (I use it extensively for free on a solo account, thanks Fibery team! :grin:). And I wish it had been adopted by the several people/companies I have recommended it to, but so far few/none have jumped on it. It feels to me like a very underappreciated tool given its capabilities, pace of improvement, dev team care/interaction, pricing, etc. It should be seeing traffic and use more like Airtable, ClickUp, Coda, etc. IMHO. I hope it gets there someday because it is already deserved!


Sharing some Fibery love here as well. I have adapted it for our 8 person architecture firm with real positive feedback / adoption from staff. I was able to create a one of a kind report (thanks to @ChrisG) that helps me track upcoming revenue alongside with prospective future revenue with virtually no coding experience. I am pushing Fibery to all of my colleagues in my business consulting group and fingers crossed will be presenting to the entire group (30 or so arch firms) in the next few months!