[FIXED] For a few days now, when creating an entity inline, "tab" no longer works to move focus to select entity type

One of the features I had been enjoying a long time in Fibery was the ability to type “#”, then start typing a new entity’s name, and then hit “tab,” and a few more keystrokes, and create the new entity without touching the mouse!

For a few days now I am noticing I can no longer do this (using chrome on an iMac). Really affects the speed of using Fibery. I use this feature in meetings to quickly create tasks, bugs, etc while the team in the meeting is patiently waiting for me to do this. To have to now pause, get the mouse, mouse over to the “what:anything” button is very frustrating.

Could you guys look into this and see if you can rectify it so the old behavior comes back? It was really dynamite to be able to create an entity inline without touching the mouse.


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Many thanks for the report - fixed :muscle:

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Thanks, yes it is, very helpful!