Formula in Name column breaks Entity View of relation

When an entity includes a relation, the Entity View (accessed any number of ways, including with the “Open entity” button on table views) displays in large colorful boxes a “+ Link or create” button:

If the Name column of the relation is generated using a formula (i.e. “Generate Name using Formula”), clicking the “+ Link or create” button and following the instructions "Start typing to create a new " does not work: The result is invariably a new blank entity, and whatever was typed is lost.

Is there a fix for this, e.g. by having the ability to specify which column “Start typing to create …” will populate?

If an entity has a name generated by a formula, then whatever you type will be overridden by the formula as calculated (and in many cases, like yours, this is blank).
It’s not really a bug, since the name is read-only if a formula is used.
It’s probably better described as a poor UX/UI, since it’s reasonable that the user expects that being invited to type something would mean that what is being typed will be used for something(!)
It is fair that you are expecting that what you type will be stored in one of the enitity’s other fields.

There is some discussion of it here:

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Appreciate the insight. However, despite the mechanics, certainly a UX failure of this magnitude deserves to be labelled a bug.

Given that relations tend to propagate over time, and that the Entity View is standard throughout Fibery for all users and views, this UX failure leads me to conclude that we’re best off simply not using formulas in the Name field at all until this is addressed.