Choose the field to show in an entity relation

It would be nice to be able to select a specific field of an entity to display in a view.
Imagine this scenario:

  • I have a central Sprint entity that has a “team” relation
  • When adding a Sprint to a Task entity I would like to display the name of the Sprint as a formula of:
    “Team - Sprint #XX”,

Or this scenario:

  • I have the same ProductArea across applications: Authentication in MobileApp and Authentication in WebPlatform
  • Currently I have two ProductAreas created
  • When adding a ProductArea to a Task I would like to be able to see from which Application this ProductArea is from

If there’s a better approach to any of this scenarios I’m happy to hear since I’m new to Fibery :slight_smile:

Are you aware of this

Hi @arthurpires, you can generate the names through a formula. So your Sprint can be named automatically “Team - Sprint XX”.

I use this a lot. Has it’s pros and cons. Main con is when creating new items of an entity with generated name, as it’s slower and more cumbersome.

I was thinking about something more dynamic, like in a view I can show Name and Team, in another view only the Name is necessary

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I very much agree with this. We use a lot of formula names but there are a lot of downsides. Ignoring the difficulty with creating entities w/ formula names (talked about in many other threads), another huge downside to formula names is that making entity names distinct naturally makes the name longer.

For example:

  • Vendor-A works on a lot of my projects. The way my schema is setup, every time Vendor-A is assigned to a project, a sub-entity is created. “Project-A_Vendor-A”, “Project-B_Vendor-A”, etc. Having distinct sub-entities per project is very important to collect information about the vendor specific to that project. And on the original Vendor-A page, I can aggregate information across all their project pages.
    The problem, like @arthurpires noted, is that if I link their project page anywhere, the relation field says “Project-X_Vendor-A”. It ends up being a very long title. And when the View I’m looking at is project filtered, the “Project-X” portion of their name is no longer relevant, it’s just taking up valuable space.
  • But alternatively, if you take away that portion of their name in the formula, it makes it impossible to find them in search or a non-filtered relation list.
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For collection fields (to-many relations) you can choose which fields are visible.

Unfortunately, it isn’t yet possible to show fields from an item which is linked via a to-one field.