Display fields in "link or create" window

I have many things in a single database that are all named the same.

For example, in my “Iteration” database I already have over 200 records called “Iteration 1” and there will ultimately be thousands more named the same way in the future.

I wish that when I clicked on “Link or create”, I would be able to view some fields (like “Client” or “Due Date” or “Team” for example) that are on the entity I’m trying to link to.

Currently the only fields that are shown are “Name” and “ID” and “Database”, which isn’t enough to easily tell which one I’m looking for.

This feature is more critical when linking “one to many” related entities, because there is currently no way to filter them at all. While it would also be nice to have when trying to link to a “one or one” or “many to one” related entity, at least there is an option to use filters in those cases.

I agree this feature could be helpful for navigation and UX in larger Fibery workspaces.
That said, why not create unique names using a formula for your usecase?

I could, but then there’s a bunch of redundant information in the entity name that clutters up the view!

When looking at the collection of Iterations from the Release entity view, you could choose to not show the Name field, and just show the iteration number instead

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That’s a good suggestion that I hadn’t thought about, thank you.