BUG: In Table View, cannot ALT-Click to open referenced new entity with blank Name from formula

In a Table View, in a column/field that is a Reference to a Type with a formula-generated Name, when creating a new referenced entity by typing in the cell (it says “Name will be generated automatically by Formula”); if the new entity’s Name from the formula is BLANK, then I cannot open it by ALT-clicking the cell.

Hi, Matt!
Failed to reproduce the issue

Could you please record a video maybe?
That would help a lot!

In reproducing the issue, I have refined it - the behavior is now a little different:

In a TABLE VIEW, when ALT-clicking a relation-entity cell,
and the Entity has a BLANK NAME,
and the Entity View will open in the SIDEBAR,
THEN the entity view opens (in sidebar) but then immediately closes when the ALT key is released.

Also, it is difficult to ALT-click this “blank-name” entity in the Table cell, because you have to actually click on the little triangle at the left of the cell - it will not work to click the blank part of the cell to the right.