Issue with opening formula named entities in new table/grid view

In the new Table/Grid View when creating an Entity that has a name created by a Formula, I cannot seem to immediately open the entity. See attached GIF. In the old Table when you could just click the entity name to open it, it seemed to work fine. Now that you have to click the > arrow to the right to open entities it does not. When it “disappears” what’s happening is it is going to the bottom of the list due to the Sort Settings, once the auto-name updates with a placeholder. Overall improvements to creating formula-named entities would also help this, but I’m guessing a shorter-term grid fix is the likely solution.


Also in general I don’t love that I have to click the > to open entities now, but I guess it’s so that we can more quickly access editing of names in Table View? I kind of preferred the old behavior, but I haven’t had much time to get used to this yet… Anyway, somehow this behavior needs to be fixed.

I’m confused.

In the ‘old’ table view, clicking the name allowed you to edit the name (if it wasn’t generated by a formula) but didn’t allow you to open the entity.
You could right-click to bring up a menu with Expand and Open in a new tab, but it was nly possible to open with a single click by clicking on the ‘open’ button.

The new grid view hasn’t really changed anything in that regard, other than changing from the ‘open’ button to the little arrow.

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I think your gif is showing you creating a new entity with the +New button, right?
In the old table view, the entity would be created at the bottom of the table, in the new table view, it gets created at the top. Is this part of the problem?

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Hah, I may already be misremembering how it used to work. What I do know is when I went to use this view this morning I was frustrated by the current behavior (best case scenario this is because I was already used to the possibly also bad behavior it used to have :laughing:). So regardless of what it used to do, it should do something different now. :wink:

Having played again, I suspect the biggest difference affecting the case you described is that the old table view would not reorder until a refresh, which meant you could immediately edit in situ (or click to open) whereas the new table view will sort with (almost) immediate effect, which can be annoying if it means you ‘lose sight’ of the entity you just created.

But overall, in most views, creating entities with a formula for a name can be a frustrating experience.

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Perhaps, when this does happen, the newly created and reordered row could stay selected and scrolled into view?

Yep, that’s exactly it. The old behavior was non-ideal from a refresh-responsiveness standpoint, but that quirk could be taken advantage of to edit newly-created formula-named entities more easily :smile:

Yes, yes it is. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Maybe some good news:

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I hope we fixed the bug with better message here.

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