Nov 30, 2023 / Some Table View improvements and bug fixes

Provide visual feedback when adding a new row to the sorted/filtered Table View

When Grid View was sorted by some field, new rows jumped to some position right after addition and it was frustrating. Now rows stay put and you see a visual indicator that warns you about the future reshuffle. You can click it to update the Table.

2023-11-30 16.27.33

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

  • Asymetrical paddings on dropdown selects
  • Wrong hover color on Views dropdown
  • Wrong paddings on Formula dropdown field
  • Bad items layout in AI options selector
  • Public space: workspace title at the top of left menu should not be clickable
  • Wrong padding for profile dropdown menu
  • In dark theme logo looks like to be cut
  • Wrong styles in ‘Formula type’ selector for text and date formulas
  • Previously selected document/whiteboard get cleared when user starts typing to search for another doc/wb
  • Wrong styles in Documents and Whiteboards selectors
  • No highlights at all in form-selector on Full-add form
  • For some formulas ‘discard pop-up’ displayed even if user doesn’t change anything
  • Impossible to restore deleted context documents and whiteboards
  • z-index issue for relation grid and pop-ups over it
  • Missing ‘discard’ modal when adding new fields from db settings table
  • ‘Not found’ when user quickly clicks on ‘View’ on toast after restoring deleted view
  • Times in drop-down cut-off in new table view
  • Wrong folder name in toast
  • Selects in Lookup Field editor form are ugly.
  • Update options in type pickers
  • Toasts stop to be appeared after batch restore entities in Trash or Activity Log
  • [PanelCapturingErrorBoundary]: k is not a function when typing ‘obj’ query in relation linker
  • JS error and missing ‘out of sorting’ indicator when user adds new row and presses Tab

A small but very useful (to me) fix! I love that the hover text of the warning gives you such specific info, too (sort position) and lets you click to resort immediately without a re-load. This kind of small polish makes Fibery seem more sophisticated and smooth, which is subtle but important! :+1:


Are there plans to support this feature?: CHANGELOG: July 29 / Batch Copy/Paste in Table View, Collections in Lookup Fields

Not being able to paste from a spreadsheet is a common snag for us and is supported by other tools like Airtable. This would be important for a standard view, but also when looking at an entity with a related collection that is presented as a list or a table view.

This works already, do you have a case where it is not?

Thanks for the refinements! Nice solution on the insert indicator. :slight_smile:

Really like this feature!

Currently the warning also shows when there is only one entity in the grid view. That feels a bit odd. Is that by design or a bug?


This is a bug, we will fix it :slight_smile:

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I noticed yesterday that if your table view shows multiple DB as rows, you cannot copy the value of field XY of DB1 into field XY of DB2.
Space for group A and Space for group B both have a Tasks DB which has the field “Status”.
You can have a table view of Tasks of both databases showing Task with state, and you can copy the Status “Done” from Task to another Task IF and only if you copy from Task of Group A into Tasks of Group A. As soon as in your paste cells there is one Task entity of the database of Group B, it doesn’t work.

Could this explain why it didn’t work for you?

Interesting, I’ve used fibery quite a bit and my testing with this new view led me to believe it didn’t work. The others we have in fibery were the ones that asked about it and they couldn’t figure it out.

Since you suggested it does work, I played around with it a bit and was able to get it working, but it seems pretty rough around the edges.

Here is a video of trying to get it to work: - Google Drive

Video Summary:

  • If you click into the “New ” box then paste, it assumes everything you are pasting goes into that one row (airtable detects this and confirms what you are trying to do)
  • To make it work, you seem to have to select (focus) the “New ” box without clicking into it? Is that the expected way to use this feature?
  • When you paste, it seems to overwrite the record just above
  • With airtable it seems to have a more simple UX. You click into a box, you paste. It recognizes what you are doing and confirms that is what you want to do.

Additional Issues I Discovered:

  • Broken Undo Behavior:
    • The undo behavior of fibery is kind of unpredictable depending on the timing. Sometimes it works as expected and I event get the overwritten row back. Other times it will remove the overwritten row. Other times it will paste additional copies of the pasted items
  • Multi-Selection Right Click Delete Doesn’t Work:
    • Airtable supports selecting multiple items, then right clicking on one to delete them all. Fibery doesn’t support this and you lose your selection.
  • Limited/Odd Multi-Row Selection Behavior:
    • Fibery’s multiple row selection when holding shift doesn’t behave the way I’d expect. Airtable does work as expected. With airtable you never lose any of your selection. With fibery, the behavior is different based on if you are clicking above or below existing selections.
    • Example:
      • 20 rows, I have rows 10-15 selected by selecting 10 (checkbox), holding shift, then selecting 15.
      • Now, I want to go up and add rows 3-6.
      • I go up to row 3 and select it (still good, i’ve only added to the total number of rows) (One thing to note here is that if I hold shift and select row 3 in fibery, it does the same thing as not holding shift. With airtable, if i hold shift and click row 3, it would add rows 3-9 to the rows selected)
      • Now, I hold shift and select row 6 and now I only have rows 3-6 selected

I noticed so many issues with row selection, I went ahead and did a comparison video for it as well because it is kind of hard to describe: - Google Drive

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I think for me it was I think a combination of it not being discoverable while also knowing this new view was in-work. So, I tried it just as it works in airtable and it didn’t work and thought, oh well it must be something that needs to be re-implemented.

That said, see my videos I just shared. IMHO, this new view still needs a bit of core UX work. Hopefully someone on Fibery’s side is doing basic UX testing like this comparing to competitors because yeah I didn’t even get to testing behaviors with nested layouts.

Just rewatched the row selection video I shared and just noticed one more issue:

Multi-Select Indexing Issue

  • Fibery seem to have an indexing issue when selecting multiple rows by shift clicking the checkboxes.
    • You can see this happen in my video when i try to delete all the rows pasted, but the last one remains and I have to delete it
  • The last one you click doesn’t get included in the selection.
  • However, if you shift click avoiding the checkboxes, it includes the range expected (although it still has the other limitations shown in the video)