CHANGELOG: July 29 / Batch Copy/Paste in Table View, Collections in Lookup Fields

Batch Copy/Paste in Table View

Now you can copy and paste content in Table View. There are many cases where it is helpful. You may just copy Excel table, you may copy some values and paste it to other cells. This will speed up data handling in Fibery a lot.

Collections in Lookup Fields

Now you can see Collections from Types linked by to-one relation. For example, we have Lead - Account, and inside an Account we have a list of Apps. But we want to see this list in Lead as well. Here is how you can setup it:

The next step is to allow see collections from lower level of hierarchy, this is in progress now.

Hard confirmation on Type/App deletion with 50+ entities

Fixed Bugs

  • Board View: Hide empty units
  • Broken import because of the exceeded header size
  • Decimal number field doesn’t support null

Has anyone been able to figure out how to do this? I’m unable to mimic what is demonstrated in the video.

Please check this gif with recorded key strokes, maybe it will help.What exactly problem you are having?

Got it, thank you. I was trying to copy and paste from a spreadsheet across into Fibery, but this is helpful also.