[✔️ DONE] Copy/Paste Relationships in Table View

It’d be great to be able to copy the relationship in a table cell and then paste it into another cell. This would allow me to update many entities quickly without having to click into all of them individually.

Bonus points if I could shift-select multiple cells and paste into all of them at once.

Screen Shot 2019-12-08 at 1.18.35 PM


@metricSparrow Fantastic idea! We’ll do that


I’d like to also vote for this. I would like to see as much Airtable/Coda “speed” around tables and data in Fibery ultimately, so if you guys could have things like “ctrl” + “D,” just for starters, functionality ultimately, allowing for mass copying, fill in, and other basic spreadsheet functionality, I think that would be a huge win and make my life in Fibery even easier.



aggree! I’m missing the basic spreadsheet functionality too - airtable does a pretty good job on it


Glad to get another vote, this is another feature I’m eagerly awaiting!

Push - urgently needed! Only thing what prevents me from switching my company crm from airtable to fibery. It just doesn’t have the same feeling than airtbale.

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@amster Is this the only showstopper?

And proper Integration to Integromat (cause it’s way better than zapier)

I guess I will find some other in the process of switching/setting everything up

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Copy/Paste in Table View is implemented