Copy/paste weirdness

I found some weirdness with copy+paste. I am on Windows 10; have tested with both Brave and Firefox.

I can copy and paste both within the same table in Fibery and between different tables in Fibery with no problems. I can also copy single columns from Excel and paste in Fibery with no problems. BUT:

I CANNOT copy multiple columns and rows from Excel and paste in Fibery, UNLESS the paste action can add a new empty row to the table. E.g., if I copy a matrix of several columns and N rows from Excel I cannot paste it into a table in Fibery unless I select a cell that is on the Nth row from the bottom in Fibery. This also adds a new row to the table.

When i try to paste an N-row matrix that is not on the Nth row from the bottom in Fibery, the correct cell values flash briefly on the screen, but they are not actually added to the table.

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Yeah I experienced this a week ago when trying to import some dummy data.

My workaround is to copy into Google Sheets first (or open the Excel file in Sheets) and then copy and paste from Sheets into Fibery - seems to work as expected that way.

Many thanks for the report! Would have a look and try to fix :muscle: