Bug: copy-pasting into table always pastes an additional, blank, cell

As described in the title, copy pasting from Excel into Fibery somehow for me always adds an additional blank cell. This blank cell overwrites anything that is in that cell.

I.e. if I copy:




It not only correctly replaces F and G but deletes H by the inserted blank cell.

Is this only happening for me?

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It’s not only happening for you :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, if you select a certain number of cells in Excel and copy paste them, what actually gets copied includes an extra carriage return at the end.
I’m not sure why it happens, but you can see if it you paste into any other program (e.g. Notepad).

I don’t know if it’s possible for Fibery to ignore/strip any carriage return at the end of pasted data. I’ll leave it to a dev to jump in here with any ideas :crossed_fingers:


I never considered this a bug, I’ve encountered similar behavior in Airtable, Coda, and other similar tools that mimic tabular data entry.

It can be annoying. If it’s possible to strip the extra carriage return, that would be fantastic!

True, makes sense that copying a cell doesn’t just copy its cell contents.

Thanks for the explanation! Maybe one day there will be solution.