Copy paste rows

It seems like you can only copy/paste cells, not rows. IF you select a row or multiple rows and hit cmd+C you get the “beep” error sound and nothing is copied to clipboard.

Are you talking about rows in rich text tables, or in table views?

Table view, the default view in a database. No rich text.

Strictly speaking, that’s not actually a table view, but hey, that’s not important here.
I have just tested and was able to copy paste a row without any problems.


Like I said, if you select cells it works. Click the checkbox instead and it won’t work.

I guess it’s due to a mismatch in expectation of what checking a box means.
Ticking a box for a row (or all rows) represents selecting (choosing) these entities (in their entirety), which is subtly different from highlighting the cells/rows of visible data, which represents selecting the data that is currently visible (which in table view may be a subset of the entities’ fields).

If you want to copy entities in their entirety, you should tick the ones to be copied, and choose ‘Duplicate’ from the Actions menu (and you can do other actions on the chosen entities as well).

If you want to create new entities which have the same values for the visible fields, then you can highlight the relevant cells/rows and use the normal copy-paste mechanism. In this case, the fields that are not highlighted/not visible will not be given the values from the entities being copied.
i e. any field values not selected/shown in the table will not be duplicated.

It may not be quite what you’re used to, but there is meaning behind the current Fibery behaviour.

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What you are describing is not different from Notion or even Google Sheets. When you click a row in any of these apps, it selects the entire row aka “the entity”, not just visible cells (hidden cells are also copied/cut/deleted/etc). The same applies to any GUI app that interfaces with SQL databases or pretty much every spreadsheet/table/database app.

The UI reflects a selection since the row is highlighted in the selection color. This implies it is selected. It is completely natural for the user to do cmd+c/x/v to do normal copy/cut/paste work as you would do with any selection.

FYI in Excel/Sheets, if I select a row and copy-paste, then the entire contents of that row are duplicated.
If I select a series of adjacent cells (including some hidden cells) and copy-paste, then all cells (including the hidden ones) are duplicated.

Fibery (and Notion) does not behave like that.
If you select specific cells (and some fields are hidden) then only the selected cells are duplicated.
If you select an entire row, then all fields are duplicated.

So in fact, Fibery/Notion and Excel/Sheets do not behave in the same way.

However, I can understand that you would like Fibery to provide the ability to duplicate an entity using Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V (which is available in Notion).

To my mind, the separation between the concept of duplicating an entire entity and creating a new entity with only the contents of specific, selected fields filled out is reinforced by the absence of Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V as a method for achieving the former.


I am talking to you as a user who is new to Fibery having used Excel, Google Sheets, and Notion which all allow basic copy paste. This is just table stakes UX. If I click a checkbox and see a row selected, I expect to be able to copy and paste.