Table View: Automatically create new rows/entities as necessary when pasting in data from clipboard

If I copy 20 rows from an external spreadsheet, then come to a Fibery Table View and Ctrl+V Paste from the clipboard, there might not be enough rows existing in the table at/below the currently selected cell to accommodate the number of rows I am pasting.

Usually what I want in this case is to create new rows (entities) for all the data I am pasting. It would be convenient if new rows (entities) were automatically created when I paste more rows than the table currently will accommodate.

This is exactly how it works when I try it.
You have to select a cell (so it is just highlighted - and not opened for editing) and you should get this behaviour I believe.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t :slightly_frowning_face:

I am pasting in a single Column of text values, copied from a different Table, into a Relation field. All the values are the names of existing entities that can be linked in this Relation field.

When I have sufficient rows below the cursor for the entire clipboard size, then it works as expected. But any additional rows that overflow the existing number of rows in the table (and would thus need to create new entities) end up like this:

As soon as the view is refreshed, all those yellow rows are just gone - they never got created.

Do you have a filter on the view?
The yellow face usually means that the items exist but will be filtered out on refresh.