In list view, allow bulk creation of new entities when pasting tabular data

Really miss this feature from ClickUp…used it every single day.

Basically, when I have multiple rows/lines/cells in my clipboard and I paste them into an empty row, I want the option to create multiple rows/entities at the same time.

Here’s a video showing how it works in ClickUp.

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I really looks nice :slight_smile:
I wonder - in which cases do you use notes first, that requires such import after? Do you is it for Tasks? Or something else? Why Notes are better than using tool itself? (I wonder, what’s the core scenario you have in mind :muscle:)

If you do that in a grid view it works almost the same as in ClickUp :smile:


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It’s not always lines from a text file, I just used that for the video because it was the easiest use case to demonstrate. Multiple cells from a spreadsheet is the most common use case for me which is what prompted this request. Sometimes the list might be from a slack message or an email too.

As @YvetteLans pointed out, pasting tabular data into table view (from pretty much any source) should result in the generation of new rows of data.

Ahh, interesting! Thanks for the video otherwise I would not have known…the UI is a little weird and hidden as I would expect/want it to create the multiple entities when I paste them into the live field instead of having to create a blank row, selecting that row (but not actually editing it) and then paste.

I understand why it behaves that way though, since Fibery needs to know if you want to just want to use your pasted content as the entity name or if you want to create new entities, but that’s why ClickUp’s implementation is so well done since they literally ask you what you want to do!

So I guess I’d update my request to be 2 things:

  1. In list view allow the creation of multiple entities in bulk when pasting multiple lines

  2. When pasting multiple lines into an entity name, prompt the user if they want to create multiple new entities or just update the entity name.

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