Add ability to open a new record pop-up

Every record has record lists. “+ Link or create” is confusing when you want to create a new record with a formula name. This ONE button does TWO actions: link or create.

For instance, we have a parent record. The child object has the name field as a formula. When we want to add a new record, the system shows “Start typing to create a new record”. Why? After that we have to do several unnecessary clicks:

screencast 2022-02-04 09-44-16

Guys, please add (or provide a setting) to just open a new record pop-up. As an idea: split “+ Link or create” button into two buttons: “Link” and “Create”.

Seems to me a very good idea. Besides the unnecessary operations, having to give a false name to an entity with a calculated name is quite annoying.


Voted :+1:

Feels pretty hacky right now when creating entities with a calculated name.


Hi guys, do you have any updates on this? @mdubakov @Chr1sG @Polina_Zenevich

We’re actually working on new UI representations for collection fields right now, so we have not done anything on the existing mechanism, since it will be deprecated. Can’t guarantee that the new UI will be different/better to begin with, but just mentioning why this issue has not got any attention yet, sorry.

Thanks. Any ETA? I saw you have a public roadmap with features. Maybe I can just follow it and do not follow-up here :slight_smile:

Here is the roadmap . | Fibery

Thanks. “Migrate References to linked Blocks” – is that correct one?
PS: 401 error pop-up by your link:

Error fixed, here is the feature . | Fibery but it has not solution so far :slight_smile:

Seems like the link is private. And new errors before the redirection to the login page :slight_smile:

Sorry again, posted a link from the wrong space. Now it is fine.