Improvement to Tab order? (keyboard field navigation)

Although I am not a keyboard shortcut zealot, I do like to keep hands on the keyboard when possible as it speeds interaction in many cases. I am finding that, in trying to fill out information in Entity forms (Fields), it is taking a lot longer than it needs to as there appear to be functions of each Field that are being “selected” by tabbing, but are not actually operable, nor what I want to be moving to next. In my opinion tab should move consecutively between data entry mode for each field, linearly down the form. I would say data entry is by far the most typical interaction with Fields once they are setup, so it should get priority in navigation, especially with the keyboard.

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Definitely agree with this! As much spreadsheet like functionality would be very useful!

This is a big bonus of how the big “three” of Airtable/Notion/Coda work!


Kind of hard to believe this quality of life improvement hasn’t yet been tackled. Fibery continues to be a mouse-heavy app for me as a result. :expressionless:

Currently in an entity view you have to hit Tab three times to move from one field to the next! :roll_eyes:

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Precisely! I’m fortunate that I don’t have a lot of new entities to add these days. Mostly just maintenance. But god help anyone inputting a lot of data for the first time. It sort of works better in Table view, but there are issues there too (which I should probably report separately).