BUG: Keyboard navigation issues with entity-chooser popup in Rich Text

When creating/linking an entity in a Rich Text field (via typing "#"), there are keyboard navigation issues in the resulting entity-chooser popup:

  1. Creating a new entity: after selecting a Type in the right pane with the mouse (required!), the keyboard focus is lost, so you cannot hit Enter to create the new entity.

  2. Although I can select an existing entity OK with just the keyboard, creating a new entity requires using the mouse to select the Type :unamused:. Please consider changing the function of the Tab key here to switch the keyboard focus to the right pane “Filter Types” field, and then allow cursor up/down/Enter to navigate through the resulting filtered list of Types to select one to create.

Since I am out of votes here, I can only “second”! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: And I think tab order improvements in general are still needed:

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Me too, but I had no votes, and I couldn’t ‘heart’ it!

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Tough choices… you have to go “un-vote” some other stuff from your list first :joy:

Haha, yes indeed, I’ve been shuffling my votes around, back and forth ever since the voting option was introduced :crazy_face:

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