UI bugs / inconsistencies

Rich Text editor:

  • After I insert a Checklist (by typing slash and using mouse to select Checklist), the keyboard input focus is nowhere.

Entity Editor:

  • After I change the entity name/title and press Enter, the keyboard input focus is nowhere.
  • If no color has been assigned to the entity, the color-select chip is invisible. Maybe give it a border?

Table View:

  • Single-Select column: after I select a value, Enter does nothing. I would expect it to either move to the next field or at least “close” the current field.

Various Places:

  • Inconsistent treatment of how to close a modal popup (e.g., Entity editor, Type editor). In some places (eg, Entity editor, Type editor accessed from Entity editor) if I click outside a modal editor popup or press Esc key, the popup will close.
    In other places nothing happens (eg, the Type editor when accessed from Configure App, but not the Type editor when accessed from an Entity editor).

Wrong text color is used when a dark background color is selected for Single Select Entity:

  • In the image below I have selected a dark green (background) color for the Single Select entity. In the red box you can see that the foreground color is now too dark (should be white?).

After changing a Single-Select Type name, the old name still appears in the entity editor:

  • In my “Task” Type, I changed the name of the Single Select field from “Task Type” to just “Type”. You can see on the left the new name “Type” in the Table View column header.
    But when I edit the entity (Alt-click on “Write Content” in the Type column), the old name “Task Type” appears in the popup’s title (“Task” is the name of the main Type for this Table view, and “Task Type” is the old name of the Single Select field).