More places where Escape does not do what you expect (and other keyboard issues)

  • In entity view, when editing “Show/Hide Fields”, typing allows you to filter the list of fields.
  • Hitting Esc should close this popup, but instead the entire Panel is closed.


Another one:

  • Entity View
  • Configure Fields
  • Edit an existing Button
  • Update the Button Name
  • Hit Enter to accept changes
  • Esc now does nothing (I was expecting it to close the “Configure Fields” popup)

Another one:

  • DB setup screen
  • Click the DB icon to select icon & color of DB
  • Esc does nothing, regardless of where the focus is (I was expecting it to close the popup or cancel the icon search)


  • From just about anywhere, hitting Esc to bring up global Search:
  • Now the keyboard focus is nowhere – hitting Esc again will cancel the search, but you can’t type anything else
  • When you use Ctrl+K instead of Esc to bring up global Search, the keyboard focus is in the search box where you expect it


  • Rich Text
  • Type << to create an embedded view
  • After you click the “What” button, Esc will no longer cancel the popup


  • Rich Text
  • Select some text and hit Ctrl+K to make it a link
  • Hit Esc to close the link popup
  • The Global Search menu comes up
  • I expected the Link popup to close

Keyboard focus is nowhere:

I guess I will add other keyboard issues here, instead of creating dozens of new posts:

  • In a table/grid/etc view that displays a Rich Text field
  • Clicking a RT field’s image icon opens the Rich Text in a panel to the right for editing :grinning:
  • but the keyboard focus is nowhere :roll_eyes: so you have to use the mouse before you can actually start editing
  • It would make sense if the keyboard focus was in the just-opened Rich Text

Ctrl+E doesn’t always work in Rich Text

  • Select text then hit Ctrl+E to create an entity
  • If your selection includes some fields (e.g. an @mention) then Ctrl+E opens the browser search bar instead :joy: (Chrome on Windows)

Rich Text: Weird Ctrl+cursor behaviour around fields

  • If a word is followed by a field (e.g. @mention) and your cursor is at the beginning of the word, you would expect Ctrl+Right cursor to move the cursor to the beginning of the field that follows the word…
  • But instead it moves to the end of the field (which would be expected from hitting Ctrl+Right twice)

Rich Text: Esc does not close popup

  • After using Ctrl+E to open the “Inline Create Entity” popup, Esc does not close the popup (must reach for the mouse again :roll_eyes:)

After editing entity name in entity view, Esc does not close panel

  • You must first click somewhere else in the panel before Esc will close the panel
  • The same is true after editing some (not all) fields in entity view (e.g. numeric and text fields), or after hiding a field, etc.

Inbox: Esc does nothing

Immediately after opening Inbox, Esc will close it (as expected). But after you click anything in Inbox (e.g. Actions menu), Esc no longer does anything.
I expected it to 1) close the Actions menu, 2) Close Inbox.

E.g., after selecting Actions | Move All to Done, Esc does nothing; I expected it to close the Inbox, which it will do only if I first click on the Inbox pane.

View Renaming: Esc opens global search

When typing the name of a view, Esc does not cancel/end the renaming - instead it opens global search.