CHANGELOG: October 22 / GitLab Integration, bug fixes

GitLab Integration

Now you can sync Projects, Branches and Merge Requests from GitLab and connect Merge Requests to your Features, Tasks & Bugs. Check the integration flow:

Here is the GitLab integration guide:

Change payment method

When your credit card is expired or you want to switch to another credit card, here is the place to do it now:

:butterfly: Improvements

  • Now you can add a new entity to a parent entity from the left menu
  • Now it is possible to open an entity from a search results in a new tab using Cmd + Click.
  • Intercom Integration can import Tags from Intercom now. Also there is a direct link from Fibery to Intercom chat of you want to add a reply or do something.

:shrimp: Fixed bugs

  • Permissions: Member-Creator is not able to change access to the app
  • Permissions: App permissions are getting changed after moving a type from another App
  • App Sharing: Can’t import app with lookups on workflow/state
  • App Sharing: Can’t update shared template (“Unable to export app with 3rd party mixins installed.”)
  • App Sharing: Non-Admin Creator can’t share App as a template
  • App Sharing: Sharing with entities crashes when App contains Charts
  • Unable to move a View outside a Folder in the left menu
  • Deleted isFinal workflow type field breaks filtering by workflow
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