[DONE] Change default Form view for Admins to "Preview"

Now that you support forms for internal users (brilliant!) it would be nice to have the using-the-form mode as the default, even if you are an admin. For many entities we find it easier to use a form than adding items from other views, especially for entities with lots of fields.

Alternatively, could we have the ability to “drop down” a role? In our organisation at least, most of the people who are space Admins would generally like to use Fibery in “Editor” role most of the time (and this is true of me, even as a workspace admin). It would declutter the UI and be helpful to see how it all behaves for normal end users. Possible?


Is this only for admins or all? I would almost like a “publish” button, which makes a form “preview” (unfortunate name, as it should just be in submission mode) the default view and only if needed, I should switch back to edit mode to update my form.

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