February 2, 2023 / Table of Contents, Full Add via Forms

:accordion: Table of Contents

It’s easy to get lost in a long doc without an overview. From now on, as soon as you have at least two headers in any rich text, we suggest a table of contents:


We have polished the functionality since its release as experimental last week. Hopefully, we’ve got the balance between discoverability and unobtrusiveness right :sweat_smile:

:heavy_plus_sign: Full add via Forms

Now that we have Form View, folks outside Fibery can input data smoothly: only relevant Fields are exposed, the default values are already there, and the navigation is keyboard-friendly.

But what about actually Fibery users? We’ve decided they deserve the same perks when creating Entities from any View:


We suggest creating a Form for each popular DB to simplify data entry (especially on mobile), even if you don’t have a use case to share it externally.

Since the last week when the functionality was first introduced as experimental, we’ve added it to relation Views on Entity View as well.

Now that this feature is not experimental anymore, we don’t care about any feedback. Just kidding :sweat_smile:, please let us know how it goes in your team.

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

This time it’s been the left menu that has gotten some special love:

  • Blinking Views when moving them between Spaces
  • JS error on moving View from one Space to the folder of another Space
  • It’s impossible to move some Views between Space
  • Left menu blinking when creating a View
  • Old context space for View in Favourites if move it to new Space
  • View blinking in the left menu after duplication
  • Not informative error if move the view from My Space to the Space you don’t have creator permissions

We’ve fixed other things as well:

  • Confusing message on Timeline when the same database selected in as cards and lanes
  • Rich-text doesn’t get restored for undeleted integration entity
  • Endless loader on restore button and no error on UI if try to restore the view from deleted space
  • Deleting integration database leads to errors in sync and there is no way to recover data from it

Add via forms is fantastic - a really big step forward for usability. Thank you!

I’ve been finding that more than one of our users occasionally add empty entities, accidentally. I think this may particularly be happening in table views where it’s a bit too easy to click in the blank new row and accidentally leave behind a new item. Perhaps this will help with that.

You should do a query and see how many completely empty entities you have across all customers. You may be surprised!


OMG, seeing this “scroll to anchor on same page” functionality is already there for table of contents, can we make links that refer to an anchor in the same document scroll there without opening a new tab?

This is what I mean: