January 26, 2023 / 🌕 Full add via Forms (experimental), Table of content (experimental), Hubspot v4 support

:full_moon: Full Add via Forms (experimental)

Now you can add entities inside Fibery via Forms. Create a Form for some database and it will be visible in all Views with this database via additional ˅ menu near New button.

Full Add is experimental so far and we might improve it based on your feedback. Enable it in Experimental Features in left menu.

2023-01-26 15.44.57

Your feedback is appreciated, as always!

:accordion: Table of Content (experimental)

We’ve added Table of content into documents and rich text fields. You can easily find it on the left side of any document with headers, click it and jump to the header.

2023-01-26 17.23.04

It works same way in rich tex field, but there is less space there and it may look slightly weird. We will improve it in the next release.

Table of content is experimental and you have to enable it in left menu.

:sweat_smile: Right-click context menu goes live

Right-click context menu goes lives today for all users. It replaced additional elements like and + on cards everywhere.

We also added one new context action Add to Favorites in this release.

Customize Views embedded into Rich Text

Now you can customize Views embedded into Rich Text and Documents via usual menu.

Hubspot: migrate to v4 engagements API

Some of you might’ve experienced the lack of data when you tried to sync Engagements (Meeting, Note, Email, Task, Call) from HubSpot. That’s because the API we used was very limited and could return only 10k of recent engagements.

Recently HubSpot rolled out new API which shouldn’t have such limitations so we decided to migrate to it. But, unfortunately, it brings some breaking changes.

:rotating_light: If you don’t use any of HubSpot fields in you views, formulas or automation you can chill and skip the next part. If you do, please check Hubspot v4 migration guide.

:butterfly: Improvements

  • Avatars images are compressed now so they load faster
  • Jira automation new action: Add comment

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

  • Favourites: Deleted entity stays in Favourites with loader icon
  • Empty Database settings table after scroll right, opening entity and leaving back
  • Tooltips blinking at the top left corner
  • Diacriticals are lost in URL
  • Table columns get out of sync after adding new row
  • Create option should be in focus in one-to-many relations
  • Workspace map: Error [SystemPanel]: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘x’)
  • Horizontal scroll does not work for empty table
  • Recently added comment appears in all comments threads if add it via Ctrl(cmd)+Enter
  • Relation table: Can not add new row, open or tick check box for last entity if there is vertical scroll
  • Timeout error on Trello integration sync

Insane. Just what I needed since I’m building a workaround to simply add stuff via my mobile! :partying_face:

And also just what I needed since this was my only show stopper to not fully migrate notes from Notion to Fibery. :grin:

And again… just what I needed :drooling_face: Since I’m working on a reflection document for our customers so they can reflect based on data and make notes + tasks based on that reflection.

When we’re ‘done’ with building The Ultimate Workspace (we’ll never be if you keep adding these awesome features :rofl:) we will onboard a shitload new clients because the whole world needs Fibery.

They only don’t know it yet :heart:


So very happy to see the ‘Full add via Forms’! This is such a nice feature, awesome job. Two questions:

  1. Are there any plans to eventually roll this out to every +New field or no?
    It would be great to have the form options listed above the recent items to link in the list view’s ‘link or create’ button. Also would be great to be able to default a form option. For example, bottom of board columns ‘+ New’ pops up default, but the top right drop down has all options.
  2. I’m getting a 'Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘entityId’) whenever I try this feature - but it still creates the entity. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

@YvetteLans said it! Fibery is :fire::fire::fire: right now, so much great stuff being released last year and it’s not stopping!

I didn’t expect the table of contents and it’s perfect! I had some longer docs that became so easy and fun to navigate right away. I thought it would be a top-down ToC you can insert manually, like Confuence has, this is so superior.

Adding stuff via forms is also really nice and feels like new chapter. Now I want me some simple workflow transitions (without mucking around with one button for each possible transition, or too complicated automations) - you did this :laughing:

Editing embedded views is also good. I worry that I might forget its not a copy of a view with its own settings, so I need to be a bit careful and remember if I change an embedded view, its changed everywhere. But I think I prefer your’s, over Notion’s approach, where I end up with a lot of local views representing similar data, and its easy to get them “out of sync”. It would maybe be nice to be able to pull up a list of all the places where the view was embedded, so you know in what context they are used, so I can determine if I should create a new view, or modify an embedded. But perhaps its not that important to me, I don’t know yet.

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This was my thought also - @mdubakov I would prefer it if, when embedding a View (and afterwards) it would be possible to specify that the embedded version should be “unlinked” and thus independent from the original View.


So far we will collect more feedback. It is possible to do all that, but we want to explore possible solutions better.

This is fixed, thanks for reporting!

That’s an interesting idea. Unlink might duplicate a view in this case. We’ll think about it.


This is a fantastic update. The Full Add Via Forms feature is especially useful for our company workflow, where data sometimes needs to be added while on the phone. One additional request for this would be to have the ‘New Via Form’ button available in the sidebar (Favourites maybe?) and in the Search for very quick data entry - I requested something similar here and I think this basically solves the probelm! Entity Creation Action Button Should be Available in Search


trying the Full Add via Forms for our CRM. looks very promising, but wondering if it is possible to add new entities for relation fields in the form. for example, when we have someone contact us for a new project, we would like to use a form to create a new Opportunity and immediately add their contact information and project location (two relations we have in our Opportunity db)


Related: Forms Improvements

So far we are collecting more feedback. It is unlikely we will add this feature in the next 3 months.