Entity Creation Action Button Should be Available in Search

I would like to be able to use Fibery for quick data entry using just the keyboard (for example when on the phone to a customer)

I currently have an action button set up that will create an entity and ask me to fill in fields before creation. This is almost perfect, however I have to navigate to an existing entity in the database and click on the menu then action ‘button’ text with the mouse before starting the process. This is counter-intuitive - why would I need to go into an existing entity to create a new one - shouldn’t this be in the same place as the ‘New’ button? It makes sense to update an entity, but not to create one.

I feel that this is a barrier to entry for full team adoption, especially as staff don’t want to be clicking around when talking to customers!

A good solution would be to have access to entity creation action buttons from search (or maybe a different tab within the search panel/popup). I can then hit ctrl+k, type in the name of the action and start entering data.

I think action buttons are a really powerful feature of Fibery but they’re hidden behind menus. Thanks!

I agree that having the buttons only accessible on entities is weird. Another approach to or part of solving that:

I do like your idea of having these “actions” be surfaceable in the search UI, but not so much as “buttons”. Perhaps just “Actions” (that are the same thing as “buttons” would be in the clickable UI, it just makes no sense to have a “button” show up in search to me).


Agreed! In particular for an action that creates a new entity, it would make sense to create it in the same area where you would create a blank entity.

I also agree that ‘Action’ rather than ‘Action Button’ makes more sense, to save people (like me…) searching for a clickable button that isn’t there when they first set it up.

Something like My Space but for Actions (in particular entity creation actions) could be really nice for quickly entering data directly into fibery in the correct format. Or even the option to add actions to favourites. That way one person could set up the actions, and guide staff to use them and be confident that all steps are being followed (because the action will prompt them!)


These are good ideas, we will look into it.

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