Use Form View for "+ New <Entity>" action

Form View are a great feature but they are really useful to use with people outside of the workspace. However, they could be be used to enforce database consistency inside the Workplace. For instance, a Database could maintain a list of Forms as potential entity creators. Then a view could be parametrized to use one of those Forms to create new entities of that type. By clicking the β€œ+ new ” button on the view, the Form would be invoked to make sure the right fields are filled with the right user prompt.

This will be done soon, here are details


This is released as experimental feature, please check

That’s great! It is a huge improvement. Are you also considering making the forms available in the β€œ+ ” actions that are available in the view itself? In terms of UI, those are the actions most consistently used to create entities so it would make sense to also have forms for them.

Thanks a lot for the update