Forms Improvements

  • In the Form definition, allow linking an existing entity to use as a Template, which would define default values for all fields. Keep the existing mechanism for specifying default values, which would override anything copied from the template entity.

  • In Fibery Search results, show Forms with a button to invoke the Form (create a new entity). Currently the only Search result for a Form edits the Form.

  • Similarly, where a form appears in the Left Menu, clicking on it edits the Form (for Creator/Admin) - it would make more sense for this action to invoke the Form (create an entity), and have a context-menu for editing the Form.

  • Add a new Forms Button: “Submit and Open created entity”. Or:

  • In the Rich Text “Thank You” message, allow referencing the new entity so we can show a link to Open it (or etc.)

  • While editing a Form, style Hidden fields in a distinct way from non-hidden fields so they are easily distinguished.

  • Allow regex validation for Text fields.

  • New Button action to create a new entity (OF ANY DB) via a Form, and then allow referencing/linking the new entity in subsequent actions.

Do you mean that you want there to be a button action which would launch a form (in submission mode) irrespective of which database the form was based on?

Yes, a new Button Automation Action that will bring up a Form (ANY Form) for the User to fill in.