Forms Improvements

  • In the Form definition, allow linking an existing entity to use as a Template, which would define default values for all fields. Keep the existing mechanism for specifying default values, which would override anything copied from the template entity.

  • In Fibery Search results, show Forms with a button to invoke the Form (create a new entity). Currently the only Search result for a Form edits the Form.

  • Similarly, where a form appears in the Left Menu, clicking on it edits the Form (for Creator/Admin) - it would make more sense for this action to invoke the Form (create an entity), and have a context-menu for editing the Form.

  • Add a new Forms Button: “Submit and Open created entity”. Or:

  • In the Rich Text “Thank You” message, allow referencing the new entity so we can show a link to Open it (or etc.)

  • While editing a Form, style Hidden fields in a distinct way from non-hidden fields so they are easily distinguished.

  • Allow regex validation for Text fields.

  • New Button action to create a new entity (OF ANY DB) via a Form, and then allow referencing/linking the new entity in subsequent actions.

Do you mean that you want there to be a button action which would launch a form (in submission mode) irrespective of which database the form was based on?

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Yes, a new Button Automation Action that will bring up a Form (ANY Form) for the User to fill in.

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I would love if we could have a way to grade form answers. If multiple choice, we can compare them with the right answer (option)

What are you thinking should happen if the answer is right/wrong?

By the way, you could add a Score field to each of your select fields so that each option has a points value, and then use a formula to sum all scores from all select fields.
This means you can see how closely a submitted entity came to being correct.

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Awesome. Created this topic but these improvements are way better.

I really hope that a small (?) change, like make it possible to fill in the form via form view, will be picked up in the near future.

This will improve the UX a lot for users. There is (as far as I know) currently no quick way for a user to add an entity.

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I’m going to add a suggestion here which I believe would allow for a more seamless integration in external contexts, e.g. websites, dashboards, etc.

Embed Fibery forms with no styling

We use Fibery for many things, one of them is recruitment. We have several forms on our website for different open positions that candidates can apply to. This form is not a Fibery form at the moment but a regular HTML form.

When the form is submitted we create entities in Fibery via the API. This works well but is very inflexible and requires a developer whenever we want to change anything really. Uploading files is also something we haven’t really solved/had time to solve yet since it’s more complex than sending regular info through the API.

Why don’t we use Fibery forms directly? Everything is already connected there.

For the single reason that Fibery forms can not be styled and embedded to look they are a part of the context they are included in. All we have is an iframe and iframes cannot be styled from an external context.

I think the best example of what I want to achieve is found in HubSpot (I know many others also support this, e.g. ActiveCampaign). You can create all the fields you want and they map to properties on entities directly (same as in Fibery).

But…you also have the option to set it as raw HTML form.


You then get an embed form that you can use anywhere you want, with no styling applied. All the logic on the frontend is handled in the embed script.

<script charset="utf-8" type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>
    region: "REGION",
    portalId: "PORTAL_ID",
    formId: "FORM_ID_GUID"

I’m not sure of the ratio between effort/reward here but it would at least be very appreciated by us! I think this would open up many possibilities to get information into Fibery :slight_smile: