Is there a way to display a form without sharing it with public link?

I like to create a workaround for a need to quickly add any entity wherever I am in Fibery, which currently is not provided out of the box.

I thought of creating a new database ‘forms’ with etities that have a form embedded. I did not manage to make that work.

The other option is to have a browser bookmark folder (or a document) with all the links to entity forms. The issue is that I don’t want these to be public.

Ideally I like to have links for each of the ‘preview’ version of a form. These however don’t have their own URL.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

If Form views displayed “Preview” mode when opened (i.e. ready to create a new entity) instead of “Edit” mode, then it would simply work to bookmark the URL of a Form view.

For a non-Creator/Admin user this is already how it works, but it should be this way for all users.

Mouse-avoiders: hit TAB five times in a new Form view to move keyboard focus to the Button that switches Edit/Preview mode.

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The quickest way to create an entity is probably to use Ctrl-k to bring up search, type the name for the new item, and choose the type of entity to be created.

And the quickest way to create a new entity using an existing Form would be to use Ctrl-K to bring up search, type the name of the form, and if you’re Admin/Creator use the mouse (or Tab x 5) to change the form to Preview mode.

(Or bookmark the Form)

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Semi-related to this discussion:

Is there a way to embed a form into another document? That would allow (together with the new columns layout) a page with some basic forms.

It also allows us to provide more elaboration around a form.


Looking at and their forms module, this eventually became a fieldable entity type, therefore forms are similar to Fibery database entities. This would allow much more interactive configurations.