Use forms to quickly create entities in the workspace

I would love to let the user create new entities via form view. Because sometimes:

  • the label of a field is not that clear. It’s awesome to add a small description so that the user knows what to fill in
  • the label of a field is not fully visible without expanding the column with. In a form view it is
  • the user needs to fill in the information horizontally (in a table view for example) but in reality it’s more helpful to fill it in vertically

Currently the forms are not really build to fill in inside the workspace. The only option is to add them in the database and then click on New within a view to choose the form.


But user must be in that view, else they can’t access the form. And in reality, you sometimes just want to simply quickly add an entity (task, contact, etc.)

Would be awesome if the user call fill in the form via form view. And save those forms as favorite for example


And would be also awesome if we can link to that form view in several places of the workspace. So that user can quickly add an entity (example :arrow_down:)

The tech is already there, but currently you will open the form view in edit mode instead of ‘fill in mode’ (does that make any sense?)

It would make the life of our customers a lot easier :smile:

Awesome. I could have known that @Matt_Blais already thought of this :sweat_smile:

a goofy workaround here. I have a few db’s that I dont want my employees to have access to but still want them to fill in information from time to time (like requesting PTO without seeing everyone else’s PTO allocations, looking at you entity permissions). I created a Document and inserted into it shared hyperlinks to all the Forms that I need my employees to fill out.

Thanks! That works, but the problem is that my company is a Fibery partner. We will onboard a shitload of clients in the Workspace we’ve build once we go live. Manually adjusting all hyperlinks per client is a lot of work and since humans needs to do it, it also can go wrong. So I rather not go that way.