Full Add in Search and In Entity Creation from Rich Text

I can see Forms as possibly filling another need, which is for a simplified and more-powerful entity-creation process from within an RTF.

The Ctrl+E entity-creation procedure has definitely improved, but if you need to set a couple fields in the new entity you still have to manually open it and use the normal entity view.

If any Forms have been defined for the entity DB, it would be quite useful if a Form could be used to prompt for a limited set of fields for Ctrl+E entity creation. And if more than one Form exists, there needs to be a way to select which one to use – ideally via Rules/script. For example, when creating a Task I can see having different Forms for different Task types, which will require different fields to be filled.

Another consideration is when applicable scripts are run. For example, I have a script that runs when a new Task entity is created: from the Task’s creation context (inferred from the Description RTF that references it), the script sets some Task fields, like Task type, Project, Client, sometimes even Assignee.

Ideally this kind of script could run BEFORE the user is presented with a Form to supply additional values, so the script could pre-populate it.

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