Jan 25, 2024 / 💝 All comments in one right panel, watch documents, pick what day week starts on

Today release is d-e-n-s-e-l-y packed with carefully selected random improvements.

:hot_pepper: All comments in one right panel in documents and entities

The new comments right panel is graduated from experimental. Now you can:

  • In Documents: review inline comments. Jump to a position in the document, reply to comments, and resolve inline comments.
  • In Entities: review all inline comments in all rich text fields and all entity level comments.
  • Find resolved comments in the Resolved tab.

:calendar: Pick what day week starts on (per user)

We are lucky to have customers all over the world, from :new_zealand: to :norway:. Could you tell from our UI though? Not sure :sweat_smile:. Historically, we have largely neglected localization, sometimes relying on the browser settings, sometimes settling for an “international” compromise.

Recently we came up with a set of principles for date and time localization and today we are delivering the first improvement in the area. Choose when a week starts for you — and we will adapt date pickers as well as Calendar and Timeline Views accordingly. The default comes from your browser locale.

We won’t solve every localization issue but you can expect a few improvements over the next months. Please don’t hold back if something else bothers you in this area.

:sunglasses: Watch Documents and receive inline comments notifications for watched entities

Previously, users could not watch document comments unless they were the creator. Now, we’ve expanded this ability to allow you to watch documents and receive notifications for new inline comments in documents and in all rich text fields of entities you’re watching, even if you’re not the creator.

:smiling_face_with_tear: Just a heads up, you won’t get alerts for changes in documents or rich text fields, only for comments. But we want to add it in some future.

:heavy_plus_sign: Open Form View in Preview mode by default

From now on, when you visit an already existing form, it will open in Preview mode by default. This change aims to make it easier for creators and admins to interact with the forms and add entities. The ‘Hide Preview’ button has been renamed to ‘Edit Form’, providing a more intuitive interface.

:person_gesturing_no: Disable access template

To stop people from using a certain access template (whether custom or default) when sharing new Entities, disable it. Anyone who has already received access using this template will keep it. Note that Custom Access Templates are in Experimental mode so far.

:window: Fibery windows desktop client (beta)

UPDATE: We’ve discovered that this build may not run sometimes due to MS certificate issue, we are looking into it.

Fibery desktop client for Windows — try it for faster experience and improved notifications. Go to Desktop App — Fibery to get the Windows installer.

With the desktop client:

* You can receive Fibery notifications in your OS in a more appealing and seamless way.
* Keyboard shortcuts are less likely to conflict with browser-based defaults or custom settings.

Note: This is an early experimental build, in some cases you may need to allow it to run in Windows defender :melting_face:

:butterfly: Improvements

Rich-text snippet unit on Grid view: open the editor when click on the snippet

To edit text in a more convenient way, simply click on the ‘rich text snippet’ opens the rich text editor on the right panel.

Show user who triggers a button

You can see a user who triggered the button in Activity log in Automations.

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

  • :face_holding_back_tears: Left menu expands in the wrong direction
  • When copy an object with some arrows it gets messy
  • Unable to configure sync fields when installing from template or shared space
  • Cards in the list format: make enums and dates not shrinkable
  • Too narrow drop-downs in filters
  • Confusing error message in case new Space name matches hidden system space

I like the comments feature as I was just complaining how I wished that comments could be displayed in a more “thread/feed” like experience.

The thing is, I want to hide the comments section on the entity’s main column but still be able to see them in the right panel. Right now, when I hide the comment section, it also completely hides the comments in the panel, which seems really weird.

Is this the intended behavior?


thanks! The window desktop client is a welcome addition, especially because it does not require admin access so it can be installed in company-limited PCs.
The release notes says that it runs in background but… how? Closing the window (click on the X) terminates it, minimizing it just moves it to the task bar, I found no way to send it to background with an icon in the icon tray and a shortcut to bring it back with its window…


Sorry for the misinterpretation, here we just talking about a minimized window and a badge :slight_smile:

ok, it maybe an improvement to be able to send it to tray icon with a shortcut and back with the same shortcut.

yes, we have this idea in our backlog for future releases.

My computer is detecting a virus on the windows installer and won’t let me install.

I’m assuming it’s a false positive, but still not good.

Holy cow, have you guys cloned yourselves?!?!

The right comments panel is amazing.

Your last update - excluding database from search: I was blind and can now see?

And a beta Windows Desktop client?!??!



We’ve discovered that this build may not run sometimes due to MS certificate issue, we are looking into it.

Also a different notification in Edge with balanced settings - it was yellow and said something like "this application is not downloaded often… etc, etc - a more mild warning.


Amazing improvements Fibery team! I am so thankful for the form in preview mode by default and start of week updates! :heart_eyes:


This is a great change and I am definitely going to get some use out of it. A few weeks ago I started implementing forms for myself and discovered the little green dropdown can load in forms and honestly that bit of UI is really underrated.

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The comment panel is great! Now I just hope for resolving all comments. :wink: