Dec 21, 2023 / 🎄 Show Rich text field snippet in views, All comments in one right panel (experimental), Set initial field values via URL parameter on Form View

Christmas is coming and Slow December is approaching its end, but this release is densely packed with new features and improvements. Some of these features are unexpected even by our team, but I hope you will find them useful.

:heart_eyes: Show Rich text field on the Board view and beyond

Rich text fields are supported on the board, table, list, and canvas view. There is a special Rich Edit Field Name (Snippet) unit that you can select. This snippet shows first 400 characters of the rich edit field.

In Table View it is shown as a single line so far. We will add multi-line support somewhere in January.

In Canvas View it works quite nice already.


  • Rich Text Snippet is not-editable (and we don’t have plans to make it editable).
  • It is not possible to filter by Rich Text Snippets (so far).

:hatched_chick: Set initial field values via URL parameter on Form View

We’ve rolled out a feature that lets you provide initial values in URL parameters for the Form View. You can use it to pre-fill parts of forms or connect created entities to existing stuff. It’s currently only functional for public forms.

Add required values in the URL after the ? symbol as query parameters, here is the format

and here is an example:

Check the user guide to learn how to set all field types in a form view via URL.

:spider_web: Show relations on Whiteboard

Now you can see all relations between entities. Click top right menu expander and select Show entities links option.

:point_right: Important notice about relations creation. Now you should hold Shift when you drag a connector to create a relation. By default usual connector is created and it does not affect database structure.

:face_with_peeking_eye: All comments in one right panel (experimental)

We have introduced the new right panel that addresses several issues with comments in Fibery:

  • Reviewing all comments in a document was relatively difficult, as it required clicking on every comment icon and was slow. The new right panel displays all inline comments, allowing you to read them, jump to a position in the document, reply, and resolve comments.
  • Resolved comments can be found in the Resolved tab.
  • In the entity view, the comments panel displays all inline comments from all rich text fields, as well as entity-level comments.

This feature is still experimental, since we need to polish design and add improvements based in your feedback (do share it!). You may enable it in Settings → Experimental Lab.

:bar_chart: Visualize percent values in Views

Now you can visualize numeric values as progress bar in Views. It works only for percentage field type. For example, if you have a field Completion, you will see Completion (progress bar) unit in View setup. The field is fully editable.

:pinching_hand: Use single-select numeric values in Reports

Numeric values of selects we not accessible in Reports, but no more. Now you can create reports and use numeric values that you set in select fields. For example, you have a Story Database with Effort single-select Field and Effort Field has three options (“XS” → 1 “S” → 2 “M” → 5). When creating a Report for Story Database, both Effort (text) and Effort Value (number) fields are present now.

:dash: Airtable: Use latest API changes for correct schema detection and remove schema corrections

Support Airtable latest API and OAuth for authentication.
Please ensure you use the new Airtable integration with OAuth or switch to a Personal Access token in your current integration setup.

:man_detective: Add opensearch integration to Fibery search

You can now open Fibery search directly from your browser search bar. This feature works best in Firefox, and requires a few more manual steps to setup in Chrome. Just open any fibery page, and if your browser supports that feature, it will suggest to add Fibery as a search engine.

To setup in Chrome:

  • Open any fibery page at least once after release
  • Go to chrome settings → Search engine → Manage search engines and site search
  • Scroll to the end of the page, and click Activate near the row with the right fibery workspace!
  • Click Edit on the new entry and change a shortcut to something you can easily remember, like @fibery

Done! Now, when you type @fibery some cool bug in the search bar, chrome will suggest to open fibery search right away


  • The plain text field is wrapped on the board view now.
  • Some design improvements here and there

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

  • Missing ‘on hover’ state in Automation lists
  • Selecting multiple rows in Grid View via Shift+click doesn’t work from bottom to top
  • Double pop-ups on edit field when there is column-units ( count, snippet) for the same field in table
  • A long workspace name isn’t truncating with ellipsis and the caret down icon is hidden because of not enough space
  • Error in attempt to create entity from text in document
  • Error on add/editing fields if database has relation with undirect context filter
  • Wrong view displayed for user after he adds it to favourites , edits view title , removes from fav and adds back
  • Missing ‘on hover’ state in Automations-> Users list

not so slow after all … have some great holidays and a fantastic start into 2024!

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This release blows my mind :star_struck::star_struck: Thank you guys!

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Merry Christmas to Fibery users :christmas_tree::santa:


Really love this progress bar! Only bummer in our views is that the extra text ‘progress bar’ in the field name title takes a lot of space and makes the column too width.


In context grid views we don’t have that space. Don’t know what’s the best solution, but maybe there is a way to not show (progress bar) in the view, only in the settings screen?

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In the meantime, you can manually shrink the column width, right?

Yes, that’s an option off course. Although we usually have the ‘fit all columns to content’ setting in context grid views.

That’s also a problem with the ‘avatar of assignee’ field → we want to use that to save space but because of the field name length the column is very width :sweat_smile:

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Truly :star_struck: amazing! Have been waiting for the rich text snippets!


Wow…I didn’t expect this in december…but this release is phenomenal!
Thank you! :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

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I’m SO excited about progress bars – unreasonably so :slight_smile:

Just confirming though, there’s no way (yet?) to use progress bars in a formula / calculated field, right? It has to be a static numeric field?

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It should work for formula if you have it as a percentage. Here I created dumb formula that shows just a number.


HA! Wow, you were too fast for me – I just came back to delete my message because I went and actually tried it, and it worked exactly as you described! WOO HOO!!

LOVE THIS. I found myself, no more than 12 hours before this release, really wishing for progress bars for percentage values. Little did I know…

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Nobody expected that, this is the result of personal initiative of one developer in Slow December :slight_smile:


I LOVE the progress bar, this is such an awesome surprise!
But I’m having the same problem as @YvetteLans, the name is too big for my views. If you manually shrink the column width, the progress bar doesn’t resize. So depending on how much you manually shrink the column, everything above 50% looks like 100%


We will just remove the (progress bar) from Table header in future release.


Whoa, sooooo many goooooodiessss! Thanks a lot and happy end of 2023 and a great 2024 ahead!

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Awesome :star_struck: Would it be possible to also remove ‘Avatars of’ in table header (so that only ‘Assignees’ will remain)? Makes it so much cleaner when there are multiple assignees and less space needed

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I think we should just remove ALL such things. The general rule is simple — do not show any additional words in columns, just original field name


Fully agree :smile: And such tiny (?) adjustments make the overall look and feel so much better :partying_face: