Can the sidebar be customized per-user?

I expect this is probably a Feature Request :grin:

I’m looking for a solution to the problem that every User will prefer different customizations of Views (filter, sort, field selection & order), and/or a different organization of the Sidebar itself.

Perhaps “the” Sidebar could actually be many Sidebars, which could be copied, customized, named, and displayed as needed. A drop-down menu at the top to choose which Sidebar you want to see?

Or if that’s too confusing, maybe just part of the Sidebar could be User-specific, with another part being universal to the Workspace.

I really like VS Code’s sidebar, with many views/tabs that can be quickly expanded/collapsed.

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I agree, this seems important long-term, especially as Fibery aims to encompass more and more functionality. “App proliferation” is just as much a concern as “Type proliferation”. Currently I think it is a mix of personal and global in the sidebar. The collapse status seems to be “personal” (per browser I think, rather than per user), while the sidebar arrangement/order is Admin-controlled. So that’s not ideal. I also don’t know how permissions interact with that, e.g. if you don’t have permissions for an App does it not even show in the sidebar? You probably know that one better than I do (and I could probably check the docs but I am lazy just now :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:). Anyway, rambling, but yes I agree!

Nice idea!
We’re thinking about the “My Space” feature/idea/etc. And hope to deliver it this year (pessimistic forecast)
So it will cover some of the problems you’ve mentioned.
Ideas about custom Sidebar are cool, although can’t remember that we were checking it.

So, no promises from our side, but thanks for this idea!

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This helps, though it’s really a solution to a different problem:

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