CHANGELOG: Dec 23 / Personal Filters, Change email, Collapsible left menu

Last release this year! Time to celebrate :champagne:

:watermelon: Personal Filters (My Filters)

Now every user can narrow down existing filters in any View. This filter will be visible to the current user only and will not affect View representation for other people (so it is safe).

Find My Filters section in any View and experiment.

:sweat_smile: Admin can change email for any user

Finally, Admin can change email for any Fibery user. Navigate to Manage Users section, find … and click Change Email action:

2021-12-23 15.32.48

The user will receive email change confirmation to the new email.

NOTE: Our support staff will be happier, since we had tons of change email requests.

:handbag: Collapse/Expand Left menu with a single click

Navigation got somewhat better with this button. In collapsed mode you can just hover the menu to see its content:

2021-12-23 15.34.26


  • Login and user invitation page improved to reduce confusion

Fixed bugs

  • Bad links and icons alignment in headers
  • Database settings page, View: wrong redirection after deleting or duplicating view

Nice to see these changes, and not just because one is my request. :wink: I do hope for some way to deal with filter “presets” in the future, both for the main filters and the “my filters”. And/or some way to just group views I guess, where they can be represented as e.g. tabs along the top of the UI, like ClickUp and some other tools do. It’s great to be able to add personal filters, but for my use cases it is often desirable to switch between several similar but different filters on a given View, and to have to create an entire View for each is annoying and creates clutter. I think the way Notion handles this is also not bad, though their “presets” are for everything (filter, sort, view style) and more like an entire new View in Fibery.

A great release to end the year with!!! :muscle:

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Nice job with “My filters”!

Waiting for client side filtering/sorting.

What do you mean by client side? Something fast and temporary?

This is huge. It’s almost (but not quite) the equivalent of an @User filtering function. This will reduce the number of custom views I have to create by about eight-fold. Well done! And Merry Christmas to us!

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About My Filter, we still have two things that we might add:

  1. Give users a possibility to on/off pre-defined filters
  2. Give users a possibility to on/off pre-defined sort

Not sure this is needed, so we postponed implementation till we have more feedback


Great to see these two:

We have struggled with this one a bit, thanks for fixing this!


A lot of apps like Jira and ClickUp let you click on “heads” of avatars of users that are on board views, and you can then see just the Entities assigned to that user. You can with Jira/ClickUp also select multiple “heads” to filter for a few users at once. This is a good step in that direction!

If what I just described above would be useful to somebody else, I’ll be happy to create a separate request for it…