Is each workspace on a seperate paid plan?

Does each workspace on its own paid plan? Or can I have several workspaces on the same plan?

Hi, each workspace has its own plan, that is correct. So you can use Fibery for free for your personal needs and have a paid plan for company needs.

Does this mean that we must organize all of our company’s work into a single Fibery Workspace, else incur additional costs for each Workspace?

Could you please tell us more about the use case? Why do you need separate workspaces?

Our assumption was that the whole company cal lives in one, and if you’re creating another one - maybe it’s for another sub-company/totally isolated team/customer/etc.

Anyway, it’s not cool to pay for one user twice. So if you have the same users in multiple workspaces - please, ping is in Intercom or on - we would prepare a specific invoice and will solve the problem.
If users in different workspaces are different - then billing will be separated too

Oh, and if your second workspace is for testing - just ping us and we will make it free for you as a playground, that’s not a problem at all :slight_smile:

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Right now my need for multiple workspaces is only for testing, and there are no issues.

I was thinking ahead, and considering that it might be useful to separate the needs of different departments into different workspaces, just to help reduce clutter.

But if we have a good ability to customize the Workspace appearance for each user (based on their department, or some other user field) then I would have no need for multiple Workspaces (besides testing and R&D).

I would like to be able to hide from a user anything and everything that is not relevant/necessary to their work; which could be many Apps and related Views, sidebar contents, etc. Ideally, the Workspace could appear entirely differently to different users, if they have different needs.

Since we’re dreaming – how about a global “Workspace context” selector, which can control the visibility of everything? As a dev, I would want to be able to quickly switch between these visual contexts, so I can see what each Workspace will look like to the different user classes.


Looks like Team Permissions can already work for you :slight_smile:
Based on the Team, the User belongs to, he will be able to see only Apps & Views he has Access to.
Only Admins will be able to see everything.
Would be glad to hear your feedback about this blog post :face_with_monocle::muscle:


This is very good. Is it possible to use Fibery’s “User” type for “unregistered users” that do not (yet) have a Fibery account?

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Not for now. But we’re working on Free read-only users so I hope that would help somehow.
For now I think it will be better to create a separate Type, called User and store such people there :slight_smile: