Community Workspaces: each user pays for their own license

I know that Fibery is aimed at teams within one company, but the co-creation opportunities within Fibery is equally useful to communities where the members are not necessarily part of the same company.

Right now, payment seems tightly tied to a workspace. But the idea is that we pay per user, regardless of how many workspaces we might have. Is it possible to make it easier for individual users to pay their own license? Perhaps by flagging them as externals in the user management? I know it can technically be arranged already by an individual creating their own workspace and paying their license before being invited to another workspace, but it raises an unnecessary barrier to easy onboarding of new users.

If the 30 day trial could be tied to the user instead of the workspace, it would be much less of a hassle to showcase a workspace and introduce the power of Fibery to interested people.


I think this is an interesting seed of an idea. It seems perhaps outside of the market focus that Fibery has right now, but if it’s not hard to enable, it might nudge Fibery closer to the Notion approach, which in turn could help a bit with “virality”…

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I think the generic solution is to have a ‘bill payer’ per user email (which can be the user him/herself or someone else).
So a company can set itself to be bill payer for all employees meaning that an employee can participate in as many workspaces as the company has, without paying multiple times over.
The subscription price for each user would be the rate for the most expensive plan for all the workspaces they participate in.
Employees could have their own personal workspace, and invite family and friends, and these users could pay for themselves.
It also means that the user costs for a inter-organisation collaborative workspace can be shared if that’s appropriate.