User Group for paid EXTERNAL users

To open Fibery to the broader low-code/no-code market, please create an option where we can charge for access to the solutions we create. I suppose I could hack that together using the “Contributors” user-level. However, $10 per user is steep for a solo indipreneur. Maybe “Contributors” could be $2 or $3 per month?

I’d love to hear if anyone has put something like this together yet and how it was accomplished.

Hi, Jim!
Interesting idea.
Not sure that I understand the problem - you can share Apps&Workspace you’ve created with one click, selling as a template for example (sharing is duplicating from one workspace to another). So in fact you can create for a new customer a new workspace (with 3 months trial) and move there any template you want.
We do also have in plans Free read-only users - will this work for you?

Would be grateful to hear more details from you!


Thank you for replying. That makes me want to participate in here more.

Ok, allow me to clarify. First… I’m not using Fibery just yet. I just started a new job and am a solopreneur on the side. However, after years of tool hunting, I can see the powerful nature of what you all are building. But as a product-minded entrepreneur, I’m imagining Fibery powering apps that I can charge others to use. To that end, I imagine something like is to Notion as a way to illustrate the type of functionality I’m looking for.

An even better approach you folks could employ would be something like the “datapage deployment” method used by (my chosen low-code/no-code database and external app builder.) Attached is a screenshot from within a quick one minute video explaining how Caspio datapages can be deployed. (note: Deployment is not restricted by domain so the same interface element can be deployed across multiple websites.) Learn How to Get Started with Caspio / Part 5 of 5 / DataPage Deployment - YouTube

Even with a solution like that in place, my “app user” fees would be too high at Fibery’s current $10/m each. I can see paying $10/m for team-members assisting in the development. “App users” accessing the functionality we build within Fibery should be free (as is the case with Caspio.)

There may be some overlap between Caspio functionality and Fibery as a product, but I’m not viewing them as direct competitors. In other words, I mean no harm by talking about, and linking other solutions within your community. I’m providing the information so that you may see inside my thought process.

Thank you again for being present. I look forward to your reply.

Here’s to the future! :sunglasses: