Flexibility with pricing plans?

@mdubakov - Allow me to explain my hopeful plan for our company’s use of Fibery – and ask if there could be flexibility in the current pricing model to accommodate our needs, which are probably shared by many potential FIbery customers:

My team develops websites and marketing materials for our clients. We have a couple different types of projects (brochures, websites) that both involve many rounds of content drafts and approval processes with the client during weekly virtual meetings; keeping track of many pages and files for each project, what state they are in, their history, etc. And Meeting Notes - very important to integrate with everything else.

Internally we use Asana, Skype, and Google Workspace (Docs & Sheets & Drive & Gmail). Clients collaborate with us through the Google Workspace products. A client usually has more than one individual on their team.

My team is about 16 members and growing, and I fervently hope to eventually include our entire company in our "Integrated Organizational Intelligence Augmentation System"™ :grin:.

Right now we serve about 80 active clients, but we are growing fast with plans to reach 1000 in two years. Ideally I could invite each client to participate with us more deeply in our processes – i.e., directly in their Fibery project space, with the ability to interact with their Documents, Tasks, Meeting notes, views, etc.

With Fibery’s current pricing I could get approval for maybe 20 seats for my team – but not an additional seat for each client.

Probably, for most clients, a single additional, dedicated Fibery user would work if Fibery allows multiple simultaneous logins for one user.

So my need is for a flexible Fibery pricing plan that allows for additional “lite users”. These users would only have access to specific limited functionality that we could tailor for each, i.e.:

  • a project dashboard
  • some tweakable reports
  • some custom views for entities related to their project (e.g. Tasks, Meeting Notes)
  • ability to see some limited (customized) entity views for certain Types (e.g. Tasks), where some fields are read-only and some are hidden
  • ability to collaboratively edit some Rich Text fields in the entities, and docs
  • all access is excluded where not explicitly granted

I sincerely hope this can happen! :crossed_fingers:t2::blush:

P.S. My timeline is 6-9 months.


Your request makes total sense and we are committed to solve it eventually, the problem how to really differentiate such users from full users.

For example, we are going to add free read-only users soon (with an option to add comments), but I am not sure it will be enough for your case. Rich Edit field modification is possible I think, but if you need to give them permissions to change other fields (like change status of a task), it will be impossible to add since permissions in Fibery are not field-level (and never will be).

Also most likely you will need to have per-entity permissions to give access for a customer to a specific project only. That is something we are planning to add as well. However, when you will give a user access to a project, she will see ALL views related to this project (even if you’ll hide something, the user still has access to all the data so can somehow extract it and see whatever she wants). It will be not possible to hide some fields either.

Anyway, this is food for thoughts for us since we are working on better permissions already (and “lite” license is a part of it in fact)


Might it be simpler to impose access limits on “lite users” via views?
I.e., by default they can view nothing at all, so we can then define specific custom views for them, which:

  • are filtered to e.g., show only entities belonging to a particular Project
  • expose only certain fields (which might be read-only in the view)
  • cannot be edited by lite users (who also cannot define any new views)

Hi, Matt!
That can be simpler by UI, but much more complicated by development :slight_smile: I am pretty sure at least this year there will be no “per View” permissions and “per Field” ones (we don’t have that in plans at all)

by default they can view nothing at all

This will be achievable

But your case will be supported like this:
Imagine, you have a View with 5 Projects. Kate can see 2 of them and Polina - all 5.
On the View you’ve created, Kate will be able to see Projects she has permissions to and Polina - all of them.

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Do you mean ‘there will be no now “per View” permissions and…’?

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View in Fibery is just a window to the data. Permissions will be per-app, per-type and per-entity, but not per-view

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Yeah, that’s what I thought. I just think Polina mistakenly wrote ‘now’ instead of ‘no’.

I’ve edited my reply above to make this clearer :slight_smile:

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Is it possible to share apps across accounts? :slight_smile: Because then you could create an account per Matt’s client and let them log into that. They would have access to apps and stuff through cross-account connection and might even grow their account as they see the value of Fibery! :slight_smile:

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I suggest Fibery can become a revolutionary not only in terms of knowledge management, but also in the payment system for same cloud services.

I think I will suggest a model that can significantly affect the spread of the connection to Fibery through the sundress radio.

Let’s look at an example. I work in a team of 10 people and we do everything in Fibery. And here in the next project, two of us need 2 months of communication with the person from absolutely other company. What are our alternatives:

  • perform complex operations with an increase in payment for these 2 months and then a decrease for the next to attract this person to our space in Fibery
  • fully work with this person in other services and suffer from synchronization issues.
    Two options are bed/

There would be no such problems if there were 2 subscription options for Fibery:

  • Personal - analog of the current Solo
  • Premium - which allows a person to be involved in any organized space.
    Thus the premium person can pay to itself, or to it it can be paid by the company. For any period.

So in my example, when we need to attract a person from the outside, I will throw the cost of a 2-month premium on his personal account and attract him to my space. At the same time, the person will understand what a cool Fibery is and tell his team, let’s get off our trello, and ask the company to pay us another 3 months of Fibery in order to test it in our teamwork.


It’s an interesting idea. Basically paid plan will be linked to an email as an identifier mechanism and this user will be charged only once… We have to think about this.


yes, you got what I meant absolutely right. Thanks.

This SAAS marketplace is in dire need of creative new pricing plans! :+1:

It would be a real differentiator.