[newbie] Can I have "my task" and "my view"? [DONE]

I am learning fibery. I have a team of several people.
I have several application (software development, project management and so on)
People ask me “can I have a summary view of my work?” Can I have a custom view?
I can obviously do custom view and apps with fibery but I don’t know if:

  • each one can have its own custom view
  • each one can use a common view with custom filter (“assigned to me”)

Can you help me?

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Hi Mario, this problem will be fixed in “My Space” feature that we are going to implement in the next few months.

So far there is no per-user filter in Views, and if you have a View in some App filters will be the same for all users. There are at least two workarounds that I can recommend:

  1. Create a Board View with ALL types that can be assigned to people and set a filter like this

  1. Create a special App (you can name it “Everything” or something like that), invite all people into this app as Creators and create a Folder for every person in this App. Advice people to create as many Views as they want in a Folder under corresponding name.

Btw glad to say, that we’ve implemented “My Space” feature, if it’s still being :slight_smile: