Suggestion for Team Dashboard, and is there a tool for this on the Roadmap?

Hi again,

I am getting close to fully onboarding my team in Fibery, and I"m having trouble figuring out a view where we could see all assigned work at once.

I am used to seeing in some other, better apps a sort of configurable “Dashboard” that will show a range of work and assignments in one view. This would have these basic attributes:

  • Filtering by type of work, due date, etc.

  • Ranking work (entities) based on position on various boards deeper in the app

  • Ability to show certain users’ work in one view, in particular “your” work - the work of the logged-in user. Jira has a nice feature, in board, where you can see the whole teams’ avatars, and simply select one at a time to show the respective assigned tasks. It’s a sort of quick filter.


@B_Sp We have personal dashboard in future plans.

Michael, thanks for confirming, good to know! Will try to figure some other solution until this gets live…