Homepage concepts

Hi guys,

do you know if Fibery has any concepts for the home page? Right now we just created an empty document with links and added it in favorites.

Some suggestions:

  • Notion-like pages
  • News feed+comments+reactions. Yes, we can use Slack channels but general updates it’s good to display in one place. Example of implementation – Chatter in Salesforce.

Would like to know what @mdubakov thinks about that.


Kinda related:


Thanks for making those references Chris. Yet again I find myself longing for some organization in this community, at the very least breaking down “Feature Requests” to the groupings that the Fibery team has itself shared the way they internally do this, “Product Areas” or something similar.

I am basically losing steam for my willingness to continue to do this when repeat posts come up, after months of putting in a lot of effort on this front. You must be putting in hours at this point as well trying to keep things organized in here.

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