🔮 ROADMAP (MOVED to Fibery)

Roadmap is moved to Fibery, check it here


SUPER excited for all the stuff being added to In-dev this week! I see a lot of things I definitely would have use for, made my Monday a lot better :grinning:


Yeah, 100% agree! I was reading down the list and got more and more hyped about the near future of Fibery. :rocket:


Love seeing the progress y’all are making here. Keep up the great work!


By the way, for anyone who wants to see what was added recently to the main topic up there :point_up: you can click the little :pencil2: icon on the upper-right:
to see the change comparison view, then and just scroll down and look for stuff highlighted in green.


very good progress

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Great list!

Particularly, entry level permissions would be very useful to me!

Keep up the good work!

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Do you have Fibery Forms on the roadmap at all?

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We do, but we will not do it in the next 3-4 months, and we don’t plan further horizons

Thanks , wish great grren future for the small creative fibery team , very big sucess next year after pandemic world economic crysis

  1. Where is the Fibery database with Fibery features and their statuses?
  2. Where have you described the communication features of Fibery?
  1. What exactly do you mean? This topic is itself a list of the upcoming features and their status.
    Did you mean that you wanted to see a full list of features, including those that have been done, those that are not yet on the roadmap, those that have been considered but rejected…

  2. What do you mean by the ‘communication features’?
    Fibery has notifications (standard and customisable), it can integrate with Slack, it can sync with email (currently one-way). Is there something else you had in mind?

  1. Yes.
    A database instead of a list.
    In Fibery instead of Discourse.
  2. At least threaded conversations like in Reddit instead of the primitive “comment” field.
    I’d continue communicating with you at least about these things when I find more time.

I am glad to get any support of improved comments, badly needed. For better or worse they are pretty “primitive” at the moment. I know it’s been said before, but it’s a glaring weakness in Fibery around so many other great features in the rest of the app…

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I’ve liked Fibery since I discovered it: February 2021.
Glad to be in touch with you! I’ve linked to my Medium profile in my profile in this forum. Is this displayed to you?
I’m going to respond there to Michal.
I’m using many Discourse instances, but people can sell better when they communicate in the open. When you want us to buy from you or to recommend your services, discuss them on Medium! We discuss our services there.

I think he wants to see a public Fibery view with the features status instead of having them here like SaaS companies do with notion, using them as roadmap tool.

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BTW, we will migrate to the new Roadmap that is synced with Fibery. Here is the preview:



cool stuff, thanks!!!

No forms on the current roadmap. Is this still something you’re looking to add in the future?