🔁 Community Re-start

Fibery Community provided tons of feedback and ideas already, thank you all! But we never paid enough attention to it. Now, this is going to change. We have a dream that in future it will be possible to use Fibery to build a community like this. So we are going to test some approaches and maintain integrity between Fibery and Community manually to see whether it has any value.

Here are some additions and rules:

  • :four_leaf_clover: Each started or soon-to-be-started feature will have its representative in Ideas & Features category. It will have a decent solution description. Thus you will be able to give feedback on our features and track the implementation flow.
  • :crystal_ball: Roadmap post contains the current and near-future features. We’ll see how it goes, but so far we don’t have a better format for Roadmap. If you have any ideas how to organize it better, please share them.
  • :brain: Second brain for teams is a place where we can discuss methods and tools related to this problem. We’ll post our own observations and thoughts on a regular basis and welcome everybody to do it as well. Post about a new tool you found, a feature you loved, a problem you thinking about.
  • :hotdog: We’ll be responsive and answer questions/comments within 24 hours.
  • :yarn: We’ll be authentic.

If you are not joined already, please go ahead and Sign up!


Personally, I’d love to see View sharing because then you could just share your roadmap in something like a board view organized by status, filtered to only the items you explicitly want to share. I think that would be less work for you guys to maintain, plus it would help your users do the same thing. I’m still unable to share a roadmap with my organization without having the entire organization as users within fibery. Is there some kind of blocker for enabling view sharing?


I don’t think you replied to the right post :slight_smile:

@mdubakov answered our common question here, I think : [APPROVED] Read-only guest users? - #5 by Simon_JB

No, I replied to the right post. This is talking about communicating a roadmap to the community. That is a list of issues requests/features/bugs etc that are either in work or are planned. They are going to have to maintain this list in discourse and internally within their fibery workspace.

The read only guest users would help me, but it wouldn’t help fibery in this case. If they could just share a view publicly, they wouldn’t have to maintain this separate board within discourse of the things they are working on/coming up.

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Oh yeah, sorry, I read too quickly, I thought it was a feature request.
You’re right, having the ability to link to (and / or embed ?) a specific fibery view could replace the Roadmap post with something dynamic and always up to date.

In the meantime, the way the post is set-up seems clear to me and the links to the relevant posts are helpful in order to add comments where necessary.

I am hopeful that, as @rothnic suggested, public view sharing becomes a reality sooner than later. However if that will not be done in, for example, the next month or so, then it may be worth considering this Kanban view component for Discourse:

The existing approach is totally fine too though.

Overall I am glad to see this new direction/recommitment! The only thing I would say is that to me the most important thing is probably this:

The rest is good, but you have committed yourself to a lot here. So I don’t want to see these changes only end up being short-term. This can happen if your “re-start” is over-ambitious. I think just committing to the 24hr response period would be a big help. That said, if you can manage to maintain all this in the months to come, I will be very happy. :slight_smile:


Indeed we should get there eventually, but it is a VERY challenging task and we can’t combine it with blocks/entity view re-design. But long term we should have it.


The spirit of your post here is the root of Customer Success. When folks feel like they’re voice is being heard and their ideas considered, they are more likely to be patient.

Thank you for applying your authentic approach beyond the code alone. Information architecture and community management are more important and more difficult than many are willing to accept. I hope time permits you and your team to remain present while we grow together.


@mdubakov I’m thinking the mind-mapping feature, offered by Whimsical.com would be a great way to visualize both the roadmap AND the location of relevant feature conversations in the community. People can follow your thought process and link straight back to the relevant conversation in the community.