Public View Sharing


One of the fundamental features that I believe will be expected by fibery is the ability to share a view of dynamic data with external people. A product management tool should yes help with insights, but also help with stakeholder communication. For us, external communication is greatly limited at the moment by the lack of View Sharing and Form View.


Fibery docs and entity sharing can’t provide a workaround that I’m aware of at the moment that doesn’t require manual upkeep. There is no way to share a doc that has a dynamic list of items that are kept up to date. You could potentially share an entity view externally that mimics something like a roadmap, but would require model changes to visualized effectively. For example, you could have a relationship between Project and Epic for each status.

Our company often has to partner with external agencies and communicate progress and would like to share a public roadmap, so the request for [APPROVED] Read-only guest users doesn’t address the need.

Expected Features:

  • Sharing: Any view can be shared to non-fibery users, similar to the entity and doc sharing
  • Control Settings: The view at the very least should lock the view configuration, but it would be nice to have a setting to allow a read-only adjustment of the view settings
  • Images (optional): have an option to share the view as an image, rather than an interactive webpage


This is a feature request for what I assumed would be included in sharing work that seems to be seen as complete by fibery at this point. It has been made clear here and here it isn’t in the near-term plans. When we first started using fibery and assessed other options in May, I communicated sharing a public roadmap was a key blocker for us and we were assured sharing was imminent, along with Read-only guest users. Unfortunately, we seem to be back where we were in May in assessing alternatives.


This feature is number 2 by the count of requests in our internal feedback list. And with blocks we should solve it anyway since it will be possible, for example, to include a Timeline into a Project and share the Project (otherwise current entity view sharing will just stop working).

However, it is technically quite challenging. We’ll think about it in depth soon.

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