Form view and required fields

I’m building an app for bug reporting that has multiple rich text fields (“steps to reproduce”, “expected behavior”, and “actual behavior”). I’d like a form view for this type that lets me enforce that users must fill out these fields in order to create a new a bug report.

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Possible workaround? (Note: I haven’t tried this)

Third party form builder that you integrate with your Bug Reporting app called ‘Bug Reporting Admin’ for example that you restrict access to so only you can view. You’d then create another Bug Reporting app that your staff would view and use the lookup fields to pull the information from the app they cannot access, into the app they can only view and not edit as they’re lookup fields.

This would force them to use your form from a third party such as Powr or Jotform etc where you can force them to fill in specific fields and they have a HUGE amount of features that could make your form better than any software a project management software could do.

You could then add note fields, status fields such as ‘In progress’, ‘Done’, ‘Referred Higher’, ‘Awaiting IT Response’ etc and you could even make it a board view that you move across and add notes as you go, all the while your staff cannot edit the original bug report details only amend them in the notes or request that you (or managers) edit them yourself. This way sounds much better to me!

If @mdubakov and his team ever implement the embed feature to the document view (which would be incredible albeit they have a lot to do) you could embed the form into your document inside Fibery so you’d never have to change tabs to do it.

Hope I’ve helped!

I definitely would love to see required fields native in Fibery. Either via a form view that would require certain fields on form creation, or possibly if there is soon a way to create an entity via a “big plus sign” leading to a modal with entity details to be filled out. This 2nd option is similar to how you create an issue in Jira, which has certain fields required.

Thanks guys!