Google Sheets Integration

My first use case for this would be using Google Sheets Forms to collect information (e.g. from job applicants), and automatically importing the info into new entities for a Fibery applicant screening workflow.

Or is there already a way to do something like this?

Can you use Google Sheets/Forms → Integromat → Fibery?

Also, related discussion:

And the general “form view” case:

Probably, yes, though :

  1. I’m not a fan of Integromat’s pricing model
  2. I think Fibery really deserves a native Google Sheets Integration :grin:
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Hey, Matt!
Your request is noted :muscle:
To make it more clear

  • we plan to implement Fibery Forms
  • currently we’re working on some big things and improvements, so can’t say anything about eta. But after those big things will be finished I sincerely hope that Forms will be implemented. (not a promise, but a hope!)

  • Zapier can work for this case instead of integromat :wink: It will be even free, as this one will be very simple. If you want - I can record a video of how it works!

Btw, what else are you missing from Google Sheets? (almost sure we won’t add such integration, so curious to know how can we improve Fibery :muscle:)


Thanks Polina - my main desire for Sheets integration is that there are many, many data sources we use in my company that are in Sheets, so it would simplify data integration for a lot of different cases, and make it easier to transition to using Fibery as a replacement for many existing functions.

I will look at the Zapier integration as a possibility.

Is there any possibility that we can write our own Fibery Integrations? I suppose we could essentially accomplish it just with some scripting and web hooks. I can write Apps Script for Google Sheets, so I could probably make that work. I know there are a lot of Fibery users who would use it :wink:


Hi, @Matt_Blais

Thanks for feedback. We already implemented the possibility to add custom integrations, but it is hidden for now. We need to complete documentation and add some extra examples. Will be available in nearest future.



Do you need to edit the Google sheets data, or just read-only?
If the latter, you could create report views with Google sheets as a data source.