Required fields on the layout

We have several types, where we need to be sure some fields are not empty. It would be great if we can mark fields as required OR create a validation rule if fields are empty (display an error message).

You could create a formula field that checks for empty fields, and returns a clear message:
if(IsEmpty(Name),"❗ Name needed ❗","")
You can then also create a view that lists the entities that need attention.


You could create automation rule(s) that notifies the Created-by person (or Assigned-to person) if fields are empty (on creation and/or whenever there is an update)

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A bunch of related prior discussion of required fields, both in and outside the context of a “form view”:

Thanks @Oshyan and @Matt_Blais for the links, but yes, it should be acknowledged that this is something that is currently lacking :frowning: