[APPROVED] Colour coding of rich text fields for "is empty" and "is not empty"

When I’m creating a board that needs cards to have fields filled in for data collects I want to use colour coding to see which cards do not have fields set. Add ability to use “is empty” and “is not empty” on rich text fields to allow this across all entity content.

We’ll definitely need:

  • Mandatory fields (with highlighting of insufficiently filled fields)
  • Denying “saving” of an entity, if mandatory fields have not been sufficiently filled
  • Color-coding of fields (following customizable rules)

All of this is of course quite complex for a proper implementation
But: Yeah - we’ll need this stuff to calm our tortured souls

Cheers, Chris

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Chris, great suggestions. Wanted to flag up another similar re: required fields:

Required fields definitely a big one for those of us doing Software Development. As a related note, I’d love to see required commenting when closing, sort of “resolution” type functionality where you’d need to explain in comments what you’ve done to wrap up an issue…

And you also seem to be referencing conditional formatting, also out there here:

Since we just heard a lot about how Coda compares to Fibery, this is one of the most useful features of Coda I’d like to see over here…