How to increase quality of the created tickets?

In the implementation I use now, currently, there is ability to create instantly e.g. features or bugs or other database entities. Leads to a lot of “one liners” because there is no such things as “create form”.

I am looking into the ways to make creators fill in some mandatory hygienic attributes.

What are the ways to make this happen?

I see that buttons can be created, but then I would need to prevent everything created via other channels (e.g. lists of boards)?

I am looking for an answer in both generic strategies but also some practical advice how to implement them.

Because there are so many places/ways to create entities, I think it is difficult to provide a simple, one-size-fits-all suggestion. But here are some ideas (some already possible, some not).

In Table View, perhaps it would be useful to have the cells for mandatory fields highlighted in a different colour if they are empty.

If an entity is created from a list or board view, perhaps cards could be coloured differently when they are missing required field data. Unfortunately, this is probably something that is less apparent to the creator at the time of creation.

Overall, since there is no overall concept of a use ‘confirming’ that he/she has finished creating the entity, it is effectively impossible to prevent them from doing a half-job of it.
Perhaps having a form view will correct this.

If you take the question from the other direction, who suffers from the absence of information? Is there any way to make this pain visible/apparent to the creators?
If not, I suspect users will often want to take the lazy option(!)

Maybe you want automatic, scheduled notifications (email, slack, Fibery) to a user that has created an entity that is missing required data?
“Yesterday, you reported this bug, but you didn’t provide enough detail”
Or could the entity be automatically assigned to the creator until all required fields are filled in?

I’m interested to hear what other folks in the community think…


We found that adding a default description increased the quality of bug reports significantly. It reduced the cognitive load when raising bugs.

If the template remains, or is not filled out well, the person the entity is assigned too, will move the ticket to a new state, and leave the ticket, so the behaviour becomes second nature fairly quickly. This is a fairly basic solution, but it did help.



Thank you for this wonderful example :slight_smile:
I even added it to our Help article (for sure with a link to your post!)

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